A stable, lightweight harness. Good for dropper posts and normal seat posts.

A gentle but firm grip on your seat post or stanchion

Use your favourite 5–10L dry bag

BIKEPACKING.com review

The Louise harness performed great. Not once did I need to readjust or tighten the harness, and considering the amount of singletrack along the route, I’m impressed. Andy set out to design and produce a foolproof dropper post bag that’s durable and light, and the Wayward Riders Louise Dropper Post Harness is exactly that.

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See how the harness rides

Works well with the Wolftooth Valais

Carry about 2kg of gear

About 180mm / 7" needed between seat rails and rear tyre

Installing the harness. No tools needed.

Who's Louise?

Made in Wellington, New Zealand

They’re made in Wellington, New Zealand by Andy Hovey and Vic Garlick. Andy has spent years bikepacking in the big mountains of the world. The very lucky blighter.

During these long trips he used a custom built saddle bag rack, which prompted the initial ideas for the Louise dropper post harness.